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Loaded 44 - Get Ready CD E.P

by Loaded 44

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Ahead of the forthcoming UK winter tour, T&M thought that it would offer Subs fans the chance to purchase some CDs of new guitarist Steve Straughan's previous and side project bands, so you can hear how superb his other work beside the Subs is!

Therefore, we have limited stock now available in the T&M webstore for your convenience and listening pleasure of the following:


Loaded 44 are the ass-shakin' punk rock band from the North East of England. Formed in 1996, guitarist-songwriter Dave is joined by Beki (Steve Ignorant's Last Supper European tour 2010) with Steve Straughan and Nelly from The Lurkers.
With a sound that has been compared to "Blondie meets the Ramones", Loaded 44 will blow you away...

>>> GET READY! is their latest CD EP released in August 2016 <<<

"...straight away you’re pulled in by this infectious high tempo buzzsaw guitar punk anthem, this is Loaded 44‘s trademark style and it’s never sounded better..." ThePunkSite.Com

"Loaded 44 are an example of the grassroots DIY attitude at it’s finest, this is an EP that anyone with a love of punk rock should buy..." ThePunkSite.Com


Get Ready
Tell Me
I Want It All